Latest news

  • As the sun set on the first day of 2017, OJ threw a small New Years bash for all team members. Keeping with last year's tradition, everyone at OJ was treated to sweets. All the teams were present at the cake cutting ceremony at the conference room. Mr. Nadeem Khan (COO), Mr. Tomiichi Nakayama (Technical Advisor) and Mr. Touqeer Babar (Production Manager) jointly cut the cake at this occasion.

    2016 has been a stellar year for OJ. The company saw massive growth and success over the course of the past year. So there was plenty of cause for celebration. Talking about the workplace festivities, staff members expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for starting 2017 with OJ.

  • OJ always makes continuous improvement in the quality of products and services for its customers. To improve our Bumpers (Flagship product) in the future, OJ has purchased a new 3000 ton clamping force injection molding machine. It will be the one of the largest in Pakistan. It will start the production on the 1st of May 2017, or earlier. The machine is from Jonwai, Taiwan and has the ability to produce international quality and large size plastic parts, such as Corolla and Hilux bumpers for Indus Motor Company.

    In the picture, Ashfaq Jawed, our production manager is standing proudly with the machine.

  • We at OJ, are happy to announce that we have entered in a contract assembly agreement with Dysin Automotive Company Pakistan (DAC). Under this contract made on August 2016 DAC has been assembling Sino Trucks in Adam Motor Company plant. Adam Motor Company is the subsidiary of Omar Jibran Engineering Industries Limited, which is located adjacent to OJ plant. The contract was signed by Mr. Feroz Khan CEO OJ and Mr. Ashraf Chohan G.M. Product & Plant DAC for delivering two different models of trucks. These trucks are equipped with 220 HP to 380 HP turbocharged diesel engines in both rigid and articulated designs.

  • "Adult Literacy Program at OJ is one of the best initiatives for staff who unfortunately have no literacy" stated Mr. Feroz Khan, CEO OJ. The program is free of cost for the employees. At the launching of the program Mr. Feroz Khan said, "An investment in your employees is an investment in your company. We at OJ will assure you that taking out 45 minutes for a class will really help you and your children's future. This eventually is an investment in Society.

  • KPI Management refers to a form of project management used in Global Manufacturing companies (including Toyota) and is a component of lean manufacturing and in particular the Toyota Production System. OJ has implemented the same management system and an "Obeya Room" has been constructed. It's an internal meeting place where all management team explains about the weekly status of job done or that needs to be done.

    The Theory behind Obeya is based on a simple idea:

    • The ability to maintain Proper Problem Awareness in Realtime,

    - Listen to Team member concerns,
    - Collaborate to make discoveries, resolve problems together, accelerate leader and team member development
    • The Obeya promotes coordination, strategy and flexibility while leveraging the expertise and support of teammates from diverse areas.